Adjunct Instructor at Austin Community College

June 2010  -  Present 

  • Instructed students in the application of industry-standard techniques for creating 3D assets tailored primarily for Video Game Design.
  • Emphasized the efficient creation of low-poly models and textures.
  • Offering critical feedback and mentorship to students, focusing on refining their modeling and animation processes and enhancing the quality of their work.


Games Specialist/Outreach Coordinator, Creative Design Technologies Department at Austin Community College

January 2012  - December 2018

  • Mentored, advised, and provided tutoring support to students enrolled in the Game Design, Animation, and Motion Graphics Department at Austin Community College.
  • Spearheaded program outreach efforts, which involved actively participating in conventions, fairs, Meet-Ups, user groups, and similar events to promote and represent the program.
  • Collaborated closely with the Department Chair and Section Leads in the development of curriculum, ensuring its alignment with industry standards and best practices.


Adjunct Instructor at New England Institute of Technology

January 2009  -  August 2009

  • Taught an Introduction to Game Design, covering the fundamental aspects of creating current and next-generation video games.
  • Facilitated group discussions, research, and guided students in executing their projects effectively by mastering their respective roles.
  • Designed and implemented curriculum for an Introduction to 3DS Max, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of 3D asset modeling for game environments and introducing them to the software's integration with game engines.
  • Led instruction in 3D Character Modeling and Animation, including rigging fundamentals.
  • Developed curriculum to establish a solid foundation in character creation, rigging, and animation techniques, ensuring students gained a comprehensive skill set in this domain.


Production artist at Treanor Brothers Animation

March 2008  -  August 2008 

  • Proficiently modeled assets for sets and props across a diverse range of productions, often working within tight timelines.
  • Provided technical consultation for the seamless transition of assets from one server to another, ensuring the efficiency of the production process


Animator at Argosy Publishing

March 2006  -  June 2007 

  • Produced animated educational tools designed to enhance the learning experiences of students pursuing careers in medical care.
  • Created informative videos illustrating and demonstrating cutting-edge tools developed by medical technology companies.
  • Developed animated videos portraying Method of Actions within the human anatomy, contributing to a deeper understanding of complex medical concepts.


Production Artist at Gizmondo

March 2005  -  August 2005

  • Played a pivotal role in the creation and animation of cinematic sequences for various game titles.
  • Collaborated in character rigging and animation, contributing to the development of both facial and full-body animations.


Environment Artist at  Electronic Arts/Origin Systems

March 2004  -  March 2005

  • Applied modeling and texturing expertise to craft environment assets for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) "Ultima X: Odyssey."
  • Collaborated closely with level designers to create customized assets based on concept art, ensuring a cohesive and visually engaging game world.
  • Utilized positive reinforcement, in-depth research, and a genuine passion for the sport to catalyze the transformation of an underdeveloped lacrosse team into a program that consistently achieved postseason participation.


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