As an educator, I integrate fundamental principles with practical techniques to prepare students for real-world challenges. I begin by establishing clear lesson goals and engaging students through storytelling and hands-on exercises, fostering comprehension and connection with the material.

Emphasizing simplicity, I encourage students to grasp the fundamentals using techniques like "Grey boxing," "Sketching," and "Fast Iterating." This approach instills values of time, dedication, and focus in art and animation, guiding students to meet industry standards through effective communication and industry insights.

Drawing from my coaching experience, I simplify complex concepts and emphasize teamwork, preparing students for the competitive nature of creative industries. Setting personal goals and striving for excellence empower students to pursue their aspirations with determination.

As an Autodesk-certified instructor, I provide students with a strong foundation in essential skills such as composition, color theory, and perspective. By utilizing efficient workflow strategies and industry-standard software tools, I empower students to create high-quality artwork confidently.

I incorporate gray boxing techniques as a foundational step in the creative process, teaching students to quickly iterate on their ideas and concepts. This promotes a rapid exploration of ideas and encourages students to consider alternative solutions, fostering a collaborative environment that enriches the learning experience and expands their creative horizons.

Sharing personal anecdotes during lectures engages students and allows them to visualize real-world scenarios, enhancing their understanding of course concepts. Collaborating with colleagues, I develop a curriculum aligned with industry standards, creating a supportive learning environment that empowers students to excel in their field.


My dedication to teaching and commitment to student success have been recognized through multiple nominations for Teacher of the Year during my first decade of teaching at Austin Community College. These nominations serve as a testament to the positive impact I have had on my students' learning experiences and the recognition of my peers for my contributions to the educational community. It is rewarding to see the tangible outcomes of my efforts reflected in such acknowledgments, further motivating me to continue striving for excellence in teaching and mentorship.



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