Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Concept Art

Project Idea

A quick overview of this project and what it aims to accomplish.

Concept Sketch 1

These sketches are what inspired the look of this project.

Player collects notes...

The player is tasked with collecting specific notes, designated through the UI/heads up display. As Loops are created, new notes become items the player can grab. Considering an ability for player to choose 1 note, and then makes that the focused task.

notes become measures...

As the player collects simple notes, the song begins to play simple notes which make simple loops. Starting with the Bass Cleff, the player will start building the aspects of the bass line of the song. As the song grows, the tracks will will begin to offer the player options of how they play.

measures become loops...

The goal of this project is to create a game based solely on relaxing the mind and mood. This will separate itself from a “casual,” game, as this will be intentional in it’s objective. 
The idea of relaxing with a game is not new, but the concept of a game built for relaxation.

loops become songs...

These are examples from current productions reflect common traits seen in minds with AS, and therefore can be used to define and separate of what qualifies this new Genre - Mental Wellness
Visual Component Concept
Video games have been called exciting, violent, addicting and fun, they have also been seen as useful in terms of education and training. Why not as tools for mental wellness and relaxation?
Introduction to my Visual Component
My story with Aidan. 

Influences of my project include many things, but let's start with my son as a major one. It was him who inspired me to build into this research. 

We were at his mom's house one winter, he was required to do a homework assignment, which he didn't want to do. She agitated him to a certain point, and in turn, we both agitated her and she snapped at us. This caused enough stress that he could not focus on his work. When she left the house to meet with some friends, I had him do a drawing.

The drawing started as scrambled and angular, and showed his agitation. Eventually, he relaxed and ended up drawing a dragon-dinosaur thing, using clean, measured, strokes.

The way he went from a jerky movement to a clean motion says a lot on how movement can inspire relaxation. This was an inspiration as a research avenue, which only grew as played games later. 

This is still a major sticking point for me on this project.