Saturday, August 13, 2022

Concept Art

Project Idea

A quick overview of this project and what it aims to accomplish.

Concept Sketch 1

These sketches are what inspired the look of this project.

Player collects notes...

The player is tasked with collecting specific notes, designated through the UI/heads up display. As Loops are created, new notes become items the player can grab. Considering an ability for player to choose 1 note, and then makes that the focused task.

notes become measures...

As the player collects simple notes, the song begins to play simple notes which make simple loops. Starting with the Bass Cleff, the player will start building the aspects of the bass line of the song. As the song grows, the tracks will will begin to offer the player options of how they play.

measures become loops...

The goal of this project is to create a game based solely on relaxing the mind and mood. This will separate itself from a “casual,” game, as this will be intentional in it’s objective. 
The idea of relaxing with a game is not new, but the concept of a game built for relaxation.

loops become songs...

These are examples from current productions reflect common traits seen in minds with AS, and therefore can be used to define and separate of what qualifies this new Genre - Mental Wellness
Visual Component Concept
Video games have been called exciting, violent, addicting and fun, they have also been seen as useful in terms of education and training. Why not as tools for mental wellness and relaxation?
Introduction to my Visual Component

This is a continued list of the basic set of variables  expected to be needed to accomplish the measurements which will help define polling questions and help define how the argument will measure up. These will likely change and grow as development clarifies and more testing can happen.


I am the basis for the ground geometry of the level.

I host all the objects which move in a level.

I represent the lines on a music sheet.

!!If there is a challenge for movement to be referenced off of a spline objects, then I will be able to create specific points which to build game objects which can location data for a home.!!

  • As a BRICK, I live on a string

as a general rule I am moving in the direction against the stream of the actual player until the player has certain connection notes which will essentially attract me towards the player.

*So, essentially what will happen if the player is at a level below BRICK Count of a particular Brick, the brick will move erratically and will move in a fast, untimely method, away from the player.*

This movent will force the player to have a challenge in grabbing it. As the player accumulates bricks in the proper order (?) at the proper timings (?) more of the challenging bricks will become a little easier to get a hold of. Like salmon swimming upstream in a river.

I will essentially just be spline objects that for my game level will be able to instantiate based on the song structure.

The song structure is just a matrix of variables which will demonstrate to the player where they need to go and how many notes of which type they need to collect for each loop in order to advance to the next level of the loopable tracks.

using spline objects allows me the flexibility of creating nodes at the proper times equal to the length of string versus the length of a measure.

I can have slow moving cloud like shapes to create a soft feel in the environment, to which will explode into a particle stream when a brick hits it just to respond back after a certain time.



I will reside inside two or three different state machines.

I am a holder of music, musical notes, and a color oscillation, based on the Hertz values & rhythm values

I hold values which pertain Brick Collections, Song Location, Note Hertz, Player Values (see I am Player)

I will move in a looping, bouncy way which is in rythm to the song for the level

I am only accessible when the player has reached a specific "level value" or "collection number", designated by collecting more copies of me.

I will get closer to the Player's range for pick up, as the Player's Brick Collection reaches the designated value, set by the song, or game designer.

More of me opens secret levels and items (??) that enhance flow.

I have a specific spot on a grid which matches the song in the level.

My specific spot is one part of a Measure (of track, which matches a full measure of the song)


Maybe in 3DS Max I can animate the bricks in reverse from being in location which will be 0,0,0 and then moving off into a more chaotic state of range, motion and rotation.

To test this I can set up three states of distance from the origin and set up a simple script which will activate when each state is active.


I will have 3-4 spheres of influence, each with a value to control how far I move from my home point.

This will also

as the player starts the level the notes will have no attraction to the player and my thinking is to create game nodes or entities which represent in a method similar to the influences used in 3ds Max such as welding parts. They'll be three or four different of these entities with corresponding radii for each of the collision objects and as one collision objects matches the criteria in the players' numbers they will destroy activating been smaller one So on and so forth.