This is a resume roast my friends Alan Uthof and Frank Coppersmith helped me put together. It was a great experience and offered real good advice.

Once we get our Reference, we go into Grey Boxing our object or our scene. This allows the artists to create the silhouette of the intended object while maintaining access to the procedural aspects of the primitive. This is a good time to consider how to attach each primitive object together. 

The UV's are a critical step in defining how materials will sit on the geometry, and this is an important step to understand. The goal is to create a flattened version of our 3d object so we can paint our textures effectively.  The best way to look at this process is to consider making a paper model in reverse.

This site is here to help students in their learning how 3DS Max works for modeling environmental pieces. The over all goal is to cover how to model assets for video games, but these concepts can be applied to a lot of other outputs. 

This is a reference site to the classwork, but not the actual assignments. The class is front loaded and the software is very deep, which makes for a difficult go for some people. This site will have information covered in class so students can reference information maybe not fully covered in the software package.  

I will add in my opinion on just about every tool, and discuss a process of how I have used it in the past, with included descriptions/definitions from the Autodesk site. I will try not to use links too often, as companies change their sites faster than they change their apps, and I don't want a lot of broken links. This means I will also try to notate the copied information to users will be able to define when the info was posted.  I really am not going to fight too hard on the constant updating of the information, and rather just keep adding docs as things change. 

In our process, we have started with primitives which we set up to have as much common attributes as we could. This is called a "Crashed-Mesh" object. This includes setting up segments to match where we could, and then to anticipate how we could connect other pieces which required different tactics. 

The second part of this process is to weld verts and create edges where needed to make all verts welded tight, making an "Air-Tight" model. 

The final step in 3DS Max is to set up for adding materials to our geometry. We will break apart our swords to set up for Substance Painter, and we will add some fun materials. 


The goal is to lay down some basic understanding of how to model in 3d space. I will use a wide range of software and techniques as I learn and apply new technologies and discoveries. I am an environment modeler more than anything, but I teach a wide range of subject matter from story telling to 3d animation. This page will act as a welcome and an outline to help me create and curate quality content.

This will be a supplemental website geared towards helping my students, but, it is a public place and therefore open for everyone interested. There are some things I will not share with anyone past my paying students, but, there will be things which I will gladly share!

There are 3 applications I am after in terms of learning - Unity, Maya, and Z-Brush. I have been using 3ds Max for most of my career, I've been on Maya ZBrush off and on since they released, and I am terrible at them. While I am not sure if I am looking for production work any more, I LOVE doing production work. My goal is to retire as an educator and I got time until that comes around, so until I can either get a single full time job or full time pay over several consistent part time gigs, I will try to build an online audience through here. Since I teach those 3 by choice rather than by requirement, I am less obliged to keep these under wraps. Substance will be included, because it is so much damn fun to use.

This is a project that will span from concept to completion using my skills as an artist to lay a basic foundation from which my students can grow an understanding of the tools commonly used in the gaming industry.

This is my website.

I am a Steward of Obvious. Thank you for visiting this site. There is much work still left to accomplish on it. Please visit again!