Hello, My name is Colin Blankenship, and I am currently re-building and re-branding my website to better suit my future needs. I am currently working on my MFA at SCAD, online, and have triggered a positive change in my goals, approach, and intentions.
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Web Sites

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Logos and Identities

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Illustrations Graphic Art

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Learning and Exploring Digital Art through Education

Spent time reviewing the docs for the website section of the project, which means rebuilding my pages which are presently a mess. Updated a few ideas on my wireframe, but, keeping it simple. Tomorrow, I will be looking into refining the project details so they can render more effectively in the pages. I got to take my son to the airport for a 5am flight, so this has been mainly production day.

I have been putting off a bulk of my research and have about run out of time, so that will become my next major hurdle. I know what I am looking for, and I feel I have enough imagery to help me push my idea with other people, mostly educators. My son is fairly excited for the project, but he wants a game and not homework. I am creating more ways to share homework, so his interest may wane a bit....

This is my website.

All the work in this site was made by me, Colin Blankenship using the Hadron Template for Gantry 5.