The goal is to lay down some basic understanding of how to model in 3d space. I will use a wide range of software and techniques as I learn and apply new technologies and discoveries. I am an environment modeler more than anything, but I teach a wide range of subject matter from story telling to 3d animation. This page will act as a welcome and an outline to help me create and curate quality content.

This will be a supplemental website geared towards helping my students, but, it is a public place and therefore open for everyone interested. There are some things I will not share with anyone past my paying students, but, there will be things which I will gladly share!

There are 3 applications I am after in terms of learning - Unity, Maya, and Z-Brush. I have been using 3ds Max for most of my career, I've been on Maya ZBrush off and on since they released, and I am terrible at them. While I am not sure if I am looking for production work any more, I LOVE doing production work. My goal is to retire as an educator and I got time until that comes around, so until I can either get a single full time job or full time pay over several consistent part time gigs, I will try to build an online audience through here. Since I teach those 3 by choice rather than by requirement, I am less obliged to keep these under wraps. Substance will be included, because it is so much damn fun to use.

  1. Main Intro - Welcome, we are building things, and these are techniques I have come up with in the past
  2. Production
    1. Reference - images, mood boards, lists of URLs, stories... anything which helps the artists understand what they are making
    2. Grey Boxing - primitive layouts, base segmenting and edge flow and general shape/silhouette
    3. UV's - initial UV layout to help determine the path of the model
    4. Air Tight vs Crashed meshes - both work, sometimes you need one and not the other, but a lot of it depends on all the factors - type of game, output of game, importance of element, time to build asset
    5. UV clean up - Go through and clean up where there may be over laps, stretches from the creation process. If you you do your UV's while modeling (when possible), this will be fast and effective.
    6. Surfacing - Substance!!!!
    7. Unity vs Unreal - my experiences, not the hard core technical side of things...
  3. Review and Revise
    1. Critiques, inputs, and advice on your art
    2. Defend it or change it?

This is my Thesis

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