Saturday, August 13, 2022

Family Tribute

These four pieces that I created were based on the family members in my life who were influential, and they are also based on the locations which resonate the most with them to me.
family 1
family 3
family 4

Drowning Sorrows Project

This comes from when I worked fresh out of college, a company called Spiritwalk Visioneering, where we worked on a Sci-Fi animated movie about a substance which can alter the genetic code of only a few people, leading to large scale battle between focus of good and evil. The movie was going to be called “Psychotrope,” and has had a profound influence on my choices of sci-fi, fantasy, and my art styles. It was really nice to embrace those ideas again on the few projects I could approach them. I got to approach several different areas of this storyline and implement them into totally unexpected ways. 

JuggerNaut Project

Juggernaut comes from a contest held on CG Talk discussion boards for a moving level design. This is a earth-to-space defense mobility unit.
older parts2

second round... older parts2

second round...

second round...

Thesis Project Links

thesis paper

written component

game project

visual component

how i planned it

design docs

my artistic work