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Hello, My name is Colin Blankenship, and I am currently re-building and re-branding my website to better suit my future needs. I am currently working on my MFA at SCAD, online, and have triggered a positive change in my goals, approach, and intentions. I will be going live in a few short days, but, to be completely honest, I probably will never complete it. This website of mine has always been very organic!


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Ramen Shop

My main passion as a 3d artist is building a world. Environment artist at EA was my first AAA game job, and I have always enjoyed it!

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many made to one

many made to one

many pieces built this scene. Jungle, Unreal, 3ds Max, Substance, Photoshop


Thursday, 12 September 2019 20:22

I won’t lie, this is intimidating if I am going to get what I want out of this. I am a pretty simple guy, and I want my students to be engaged with their future. This class has really changed a lot of my thinking. There is a true push here which I personally can’t ignore. This project is not new, but, the tools are finally coming together that I can see how to build it. After this week’s reading, I am not looking at just this project now, but, where I can take it. I am looking at 5 years, 10 years, and possibly 15 years with these ideas. Onve VR and Web VR’s new-ness and allure wears off, we will become numb to the concept, possibly using in very unique ways because it is just a tool at that point, not a shiny new toy. This is all just as exciting, but the changes will have to take place to keep up with that kind of adaptation.

Think of when Facebook launched their games, and how much of our time was spent on it. Right when the tool became pretty cool, some people began exploiting it or others just moved their wares to mobile devices. There are those games still, but not on Facebook. So, when considering where VR has come from to where it can eventually lead too, I think it will become a tool, a mere additional way to share, view, and use equipment. Goggles will get smaller, smarter, and less intrusive and less extrusive. Google Glass is a good example, but people began to shun wearers because of privacy issues. Maybe useful, but, maybe best left at the office or at home. The truth of the fact is that it will either become a tool or a it will be left in the garage to use only at certain times.

Thursday, 12 September 2019 20:21

Its been a minute since I been on here, but not since I worked on the project. There is has been some exciting build ups. The project is taking shape, but I have been finding other ideas similar to it. It has taken some wind out of the sails I had, but it only took a minute to stay focused on my idea. The thesis will not change, regardless of what I see, but I will have to keep an open mind about what I may be stepping into.

The key I think to my idea is the flexibility of it. There are other ideas in VR which seem to be great projects and wonderful research but offer limited flexibility. So, I will remain on a tight and narrow focus for this project.

There have been some legal based chats, but only to see where things stand. Outside of that, I have been focused on the visual component to get the idea down in a proper fashion. The UI is ugly at this stage, but I am only focused on the functionality of the application at this point. I have been gathering some geometry to start planning on the asset development process a bit better. I will describe in deeper detail in my process documents on the website.

Thursday, 12 September 2019 20:20

Spent time reviewing the docs for the website section of the project, which means rebuilding my pages which are presently a mess. Updated a few ideas on my wireframe, but, keeping it simple. Tomorrow, I will be looking into refining the project details so they can render more effectively in the pages. I got to take my son to the airport for a 5am flight, so this has been mainly production day.

I have been putting off a bulk of my research and have about run out of time, so that will become my next major hurdle. I know what I am looking for, and I feel I have enough imagery to help me push my idea with other people, mostly educators. My son is fairly excited for the project, but he wants a game and not homework. I am creating more ways to share homework, so his interest may wane a bit....

Thursday, 12 September 2019 20:20

Website review and rebuild, with the wireframe in mind. Its better now, for sure, not a hot mess. Its also sort of public, more so than before. I am releasing the stress of hiding this tool to get it done. Well, a little, that is. I will build out the visual components into the website as I start researching my base market concepts, and then share with Josh @ Mozilla to get his thoughts on this progress. HE may lead me into a different direction which may make some of my wishes come true a bit better.

I need to also start making my documents for the process more complete and start getting into the engine for testing ideas out. I think this platform is heading to more of a plug in, but, maybe someone can argue it stay as a stand alone...

Thursday, 12 September 2019 20:20

Its been a bit since I have been on the blog. Last week (8-4 to 8-10) was my primary teaching job’s capstone project. Students presented their vertical slices to an audience of peers and professionals. This event happened on Thursday, but it took our team the whole week to set everything up. IT was a great day, and for me, it started at 4am and finished at 2am. Exhausting, but only because of the other needs I tend to as well.

This is also the final week to push the last of the 755 course load out the door and prep for the 45 hour review. I have sent out a few emails to see who I can get to be on my board, but I am still lacking some confidence with my work and my idea.

I did manage to gain access to a Google Classroom inside my private Google account, which will make for development and testing a lot easier. That being said, I still need to spend time learning how to become a Google Developer and how I need to use the API effectively.

What I have already learned is that my idea is a little short of what really will happen when educators investigate the system I am envisioning. I need to spend a minute to streamline more effectively how the educator will use the Classroom in conduction with the DNVR system. I also feel there a great need to gamify these ideas, so there may be some concepting how to gamify a lesson for general purposes. This will become part of the initial library, along with other ideas of 3d objects for different industries.

I have more research to learn, but I also still need to keep the fact this is a thesis project, so if I miss some of the goals, I need to be sure the ones I hit are the ones needed to obtain the degree.

This last week needs images to flesh out the website more effectively, I need to reduce the amount of data on some pages, and possibly add other data as it will fit to the current set. I want to get the site to be easily read and understood, and I have to keep the mind of the reviewer up front with my layout.

Thursday, 12 September 2019 21:35

Colin has been an artist his entire life, and enjoys art as a passion as well as a profession. He enjoys teaching and coaching almost more than producing art. The aspect of transforming the understanding of something so that others can understand it is a large motivator for him. This becomes even more important when the passion is shared by the student and the instructor. As a coach, he has learned that being a good leader and mentor is also being a great student and listener and to foster proper leadership is to be a great observer of life. Life as a professional artist and educator over the years has allowed him to record and understand the world around him better. He gets great pleasure in creating art which reflects the life he sees around him. and finding ways to describe those processes so he can share with people who are passionate about it too. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 11:52

What would the educators want to see?

How many devices are out there and how accessible is WebGL?

How easy can I make it?

Types of Topics I can implement into this

how many schools want vr in classrooms?


Web base

Sunday, 22 September 2019 18:50
  1. PROBLEM: Define the limits of gamification based on research and experiences online and in-house

    1. Most gamified experiences are linear and structured for a one time play-through

    2. A lot of them offer very limited flexibility in what is being presented.

    3. Most of them are all inclusive tools which offer complete packages for the teaching environment. While some do offer access and coordination with other tools, most do not

    4. Because of linear development, the experiences can be left flat and uninspiring

    5. Even with the added power of enhanced learning through model viewers, the experience is often times almost as if it was in a book or video offering limited exploration.

    6. MMO, as a development project, is a huge project, and problems are based on connectivity

  2. SOLUTION - Describe how lesson based games can be created in flexible ways

    1. Utilize branching story-line design to allow for multiple outcomes

      1. The amount of content for a single subject will be need to be big, if not massive. In terms of what is being taught, there is plenty of information.

      2. The content is needed to offer multiple outcomes which means students can repeat the lesson without seeing the exact same content.

      3. Examples of branching storyline can be related to different parts of content being offered at different times, offering different pathways to unlock new data.

    2. ***Instead of single Q/A set up

      1. Create a random sentence generator based on 4-5 key points from educator, based on the lesson

      2. This allows for each person receives a different problem from the same content (replayability)

    3. Offer a more enhanced experience

      1. Open-world techniques allow for users to investigate different areas for solutions

        1. By allowing different areas to unlock pieces of a single puzzle, players can explore different aspects to further define their ideas for a solution

    4. MMO, as a development project, is a huge undertaking

      1. Create group based PC’s

        1. Each teammate will log in and join a single “group”

          1. This group is just a SCRUM list

          2. Every player gets one to accomplish

        2. Each player is given a task to research, problem to solve

          1. List is devised based on a small piece of a larger puzzle

          2. Each player inputs their work to gain another task

          3. These tasks add up to unlock the larger concept (lvlup)

        3. Each task gains a “key,” or “token,”

        4. Players compare “keys” or “tokens” to devine a solution to the problem.

  3. Allowing the teammates to unlock and share the team goals and outcomes

    1. Socialization in games offer many different ways to bring interactivity to an experience

      1. People team up to participate in a big challenge (refer to Section 2)

      2. Add in larger researchable subject matter and require participants to devise and define proper routes of success through outside resources

    2. Offers a level of authentic contribution based on randomizing how participants interact.

    3. Enhanced learning through real time mechanics and risk/reward scenarios

  4. Define the power of “team-based success stories” such as seen in a MMO, or even just multiplayer

    1. Multiplayer action games offer the best variable of all - the randomness of human nature.

      1. How can we build this into lessons/group projects?

      2. How successful would it be?

      3. How do I verify the information?

  5. Define new ways of badging as the current concepts in use typically only offer a .gif to post on the message or Trello board. Is this a real incentive to move further into a project?

    1. I think it is interesting that badges are commonly used to represent a win, where as game companies add badges after the actual game is built, as achievements into the game play.

    2. Support the successes in meaningful steps into the lesson goal

    3. Encourage the re-engagement for areas of failures, and encourage team players to assist the teammate not tackling the problems effectively

  6. Pioneers already in this space

    1. Classcraft is an MMO geared towards teaching younger students through a simplified actions set to a fantasy environment.

    2. Dopamine Labs develops apps based on Neuroscience. While these may not be completely applicable, what they accomplish is notable.

Thursday, 12 September 2019 19:41

A statement of your main topic , purpose and objectives

Gamifying lessons often offer a single play through and typically are only for a single person at a time. This does not deter from complex subject matter, but does add to the amount of time spent on a subject. Offering a multi-player solution is a daunting task for any developer with limited funds or experience. The requirements often can extend past the limit of expectation in the software, but considering the path of IoT, technology in general, as well as the level people are working towards connecting through social apps. The inevitable ability to connect with one another will be tantamount to future technologies.

A brief description of the methodology

Through the development of some simple tools and tie them to a model viewer, students (freshmen and sophomores in college) can test out their level of engagement, digestion of data, and how well they test for this lesson via a single player play-through and through a multiplayer session. Research from how MMO’s help people work through tough challenges and from the data about gamifying complex lessons will help formulate the results. The thinking is the result of this testing will increase by at least 20%-30% (estimation based on research already present).

Thursday, 29 August 2019 15:53


My name is Colin Blankenship, and I am currently re-building and re-branding my website to better suit my future needs. I am currently working on my MFA at SCAD, online, and have triggered a positive change in my goals, approach, and intentions.

I will be going live in a few short days, but, to be completely honest, I probably will never complete it. This website of mine has always been very organic!


Check back by September 6th to see the updates!

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