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Learning and Exploring Digital Art through Education

Each room will have at least one door, but it can have up to 4, with 2-3 interactable items, and 2-4 creatures, depending on the scale, playability, and testing. Any door or item can be used as Puzzle or Quest Giver.

Monsters give up loot which has no real system tied to it yet

Loot Items can be a multitude of things (must test)


  1. Unlocks

  2. Equations

  3. Linked Puzzles

  4. Items

  5. Team Discussed ideas

    1. Peer input

    2. Team-tasked elements

Quest Gives

Quest Gives are puzzles which require the students to leave the game for deeper research into a topic. These will be the slowest of items of the game, but the objective will be the students to reach out past the current system to locate the best possible answer. The student will need to offer their solution in the form of an external artifact.

Party system

A “ Party system ” (MMORPG Party and Roles 101, Posted on August 14, 2014 by Gamer Horizon Classic Import) kind of approach. This can allow for more of a narrative form of play and offer the randomized method mentioned in other parts of the document.

Using a narrative method offers players a randomized experience in the lessons being offered to the participants.

While multiplayer is beyond my ability, the emulation of putting up to 4 players on a single screen, such as couch co-op, can offer a better concept of how the game will play with multiplayers.

Four player interaction on a single level, each one can move independently and answer questions which could assist in the overall goal of the lesson. Everyone will have similar questions, with answers being the most plausible, even voted on by the team. The idea is to encourage team speak and to have a debate on who believes they have done the research or work.


Boss Fights

Boss fights are just the biggest challenges in the lesson, such as a quiz or the test itself.


Boss fights can offer