Hello, My name is Colin Blankenship, and I am currently re-building and re-branding my website to better suit my future needs. I am currently working on my MFA at SCAD, online, and have triggered a positive change in my goals, approach, and intentions.
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Learning and Exploring Digital Art through Education

This grid system will be completely 2d in creation, but 3d in play time. Offering an isometric camera view with simple game controls, the player will be offered a simple control setup which allows them to move around the grid space and interact with different elements.

The player will be able to interact in several ways, but access the same content as the rest of the group.

  • Touch screen - tap on a location to interact with it

  • Gamepad - move controller pad/thumbstick to move PC, and use corresponding label to interact with the game.

  • Keyboard and Mouse - utilize WASD and mouse clicks to interact with software.

The goal of the software is interacting online, so the system could be optimized for WebGL, but should be played on a pretty low ball system, and available online or other web marketplace. Considering I am looking at year 1 and 2 in college, I can have a certain level of expectation of power.

The game will be a basic dungeon crawler in premise, in which the PC will navigate different puzzles and monsters to level up and gain access to harder content, future grades and other elements the educator can opt to put in.

This is my website.

All the work in this site was made by me, Colin Blankenship using the Hadron Template for Gantry 5.