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I am a production artist more than anything. I love the technical side of the development, but at the end of the day, the question I typically only care about is “What does my client need for their budget?” If I can not fulfill my client's needs, then I will have a hard time paying for my bills. I approach my teaching on this fact, as I want my students to understand what the professional environment requires of them when they go into the professional world. I really enjoy working in the tools of my trade, and I have worked in several different areas of digital art, offering me a wide range of skills and experiences. The one thing is being to able to create while working with a team, more than anything, has been my search and goal. There is not much more than being vaulted into a higher level creative energy with a good, supportive team to assist and push you. It's even more rewarding when the client comes back for another project. My art, as a professional, mostly reflects the needs of my clients, whatever they may be. As a personal artist, I do what I can to have fun drawing, conceptualizing, and building things which people will find amusing, entertaining, and, possibly even wowed. I take on projects pretty easily, and I try to base my scope and goals on my knowledge of the tools, or by the fact I may need to learn a new technique in the process, which is usually the more satisfying projects.

Minds Circus Series

This is series of mixed media pieces based on the concept of what these tools can do.

One night a few years ago, I was playing around with 3ds Max rendering options, and began to create some interesting pieces.

Minds Circus, #1

Minds Circus, #2

Minds Circus, #3

Minds Circus, #4

Improved Data Crunch
Dopamine Receptors
Cards Opening Segment
Saturday, 28 September 2019 22:35

Random Narrative System

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Using a Markov chain sentence generator in Python to generate ‘real fake news’.

Mathias Schläffer, Aug 19, 2018 · 7 min read


The RNS will require either a lot of content or some kind of random sentence generator based on a word list, maybe both. Upon some basic research, there are some generators developed in Java, which could be converted into Unity or Unreal. The veracity of these generators may not be technically sound at this point, and may only require a load of content.


Monitoring the students progress is always key, and I feel there is an absolute and direct path towards tracking progress and understanding of the content. Through the ?understanding? of the content, through grading, or even peer review, this system will offer the educator insights and metrics based on the students' progress. Utilizing this data the educator will be able to adjust the flexible system to better suit the current needs.

This will require an understanding of how content is judged by difficulty between the educator and the student.

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