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I am a production artist more than anything. I love the technical side of the development, but at the end of the day, the question I typically only care about is “What does my client need for their budget?” If I can not fulfill my client's needs, then I will have a hard time paying for my bills. I approach my teaching on this fact, as I want my students to understand what the professional environment requires of them when they go into the professional world. I really enjoy working in the tools of my trade, and I have worked in several different areas of digital art, offering me a wide range of skills and experiences. The one thing is being to able to create while working with a team, more than anything, has been my search and goal. There is not much more than being vaulted into a higher level creative energy with a good, supportive team to assist and push you. It's even more rewarding when the client comes back for another project. My art, as a professional, mostly reflects the needs of my clients, whatever they may be. As a personal artist, I do what I can to have fun drawing, conceptualizing, and building things which people will find amusing, entertaining, and, possibly even wowed. I take on projects pretty easily, and I try to base my scope and goals on my knowledge of the tools, or by the fact I may need to learn a new technique in the process, which is usually the more satisfying projects.

Minds Circus Series

This is series of mixed media pieces based on the concept of what these tools can do.

One night a few years ago, I was playing around with 3ds Max rendering options, and began to create some interesting pieces.

Minds Circus, #1

Minds Circus, #2

Minds Circus, #3

Minds Circus, #4

Improved Data Crunch
Dopamine Receptors
Cards Opening Segment
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Software wishlist

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At this point there are several directions I can go with gameplay mechanics. My initial thought is to stay away from the entire MMO system of gameplay and focus on smaller party games which allow for students to cover the material in an online group setting. Each game or level can either be short and to the point, or much longer and involved. The flexibility also will allow the educator or builder to make changes to the content based on changes in the class dynamic. Even if the same dungeon layout is in play over and over, the educator can change up the location of the puzzles, the types of puzzles and how they could be linked up to other items found while participating.


  • User opens up software - security options?

  • Software offers options of projects already in the library, or to download a new project based on what is available.

  • The user will be able to join a group of either classmates or other students from similar studies but different sections.

  • Users can offer invites to other users based on the contacts they have already.

  • Once in a Multiplayer session the players will get synced up in a lobby. Players can choose from a few offers of map settings. Offers can be the types of environments, types of character avatars, and base colors.

  • The game begins when all participants click to initialize the game, which will start the in-game scenario.

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