Monday, January 24, 2022

Family Tribute Series

I relied heavily upon the skills that I learned during my time working in the video game industry. In this industry, I was essentially an environment artist but I also worked in motion capture. cinematics, editing while working with animators, producers, and programmers in creating interactive products and fun, exciting games.

West Texas

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Route 66

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California Dreams

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Rhode Island

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Drowing Sorrows Series

This comes from when I worked fresh out of college, a company called Spiritwalk Visioneering, where we worked on a Sci-Fi animated movie about a substance which can alter the genetic code of only a few people, leading to large scale battle between focus of good and evil. The movie was going to be called “Psychotrope,” and has had a profound influence on my choices of sci-fi, fantasy, and my art styles. It was really nice to embrace those ideas again on the few projects I could approach them. I got to approach several different areas of this story line and implement them into totally unexpected ways.

Original Image

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Updated in 2019

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Updated in 2019

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Updated in 2019

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Here is a list of what I have been working on over the years. There are professional projects and personal projects intermingled, but I will do my best to claim which is which. I will post my WIP’s page soon, as I need a little motivation to see some of these projects move into some sort of completed status. Or just abandon them in some one’s home so I don’t have to look at it more...

Environments -

I love environments. I need to build more. it's a gateway to so many other projects and concepts for so many people. I love teaching about modularity and smart modeling techniques for many applications.

Building good environments helps sell the scene and story. Building the story within a story for the characters to thrive in is so much fun. From my first job at a small company to working at EA and Acclaim, I have always enjoyed modeling, 3d art and making scenes come alive.

In this set of pieces, I have a couple of items which range from my first time to my current projects I use to teach with. I am always learning and have a lot more to understand. My goals are to re-create my older visions and breathe the new technology into them. The value of Substance Painter and Z-Brush are immeasurable, and I need to step into those tools more to push my vision further.

Vehicles -

Vehicles are not my speciality and most of these here are WIPs. I put them in here because vehicles are wicked, and I love shows such as "Roadkill" and "MadMax."

Combustion engines are messy and badass, and they are very intriguing to build, in 3d or otherwise.

It's odd to love something so full of pollution but that power is so lovely.

I have built a few vehicular machines but nothing has drawn me in as my Trabant project car. It started as a lesson uvw's and has evolved into a kit car ready to beat a 9 second 1/4 mile.

It has been a project for a few years, but just like my environment pieces, I want to convert a few of these into modern applications and into a game engine.

Minds Circus

This came about when I was in Rhode Island and in a less than sober mindset. I have been dealing with bouts of depression after losing my marriage, my house, and nearly my son. I didn't have a good job except for getting into teaching. I landed my first teaching gig at New England Institute of Technology, and I love doing it. 

I was playing around with objects and materials in 3ds Max, and stumbled across a couple of ideas which grabbed my attention. I have always loved materials and playing with Max’s Material Slate Editor, which matches more node-based systems seen in many other applications. I eventually took some of the renders out of Max and into Photoshop. I believe Photoshop was a gift from the Gods, as it just is so simple yet so powerful! At any rate, playing with layers and blending modes, I began to create some interesting shapes and compositions. 

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