Saturday, August 13, 2022

These four pieces that I created were based on the family members in my life who were influential, and they are also based on the locations which resonate the most with them to me. 

With all of the pieces I use 3d and 2d source creation tools common in the game development industry. Tools such as 3ds Max, Maya, After Effects, Substance and Photoshop all have influence on the output of each piece. 

I relied heavily upon the skills that I learned during my time working in the video game industry. In this industry, I was essentially an environment artist but I also worked in motion capture. cinematics, editing while working with animators, producers, and programmers in creating interactive products and fun, exciting games.

The next step in these types of pieces will be to create interactive NFT pieces which offer small bits of interactivity in conjunction with music and animation to offer interesting and unique experiences.