JuggerNaut Project

Juggernaut comes from a contest held on CG Talk discussion boards for a moving level design. This is a earth-to-space defense mobility unit. I have worked on this pieces at 3 different times of my skill and tool proficiency.

Hallway Parts, 1 2010


Hallway Parts, 2 2010


Hallway Parts, 3 2010

Hallway Parts, 4

works in progress

WIP - Unity 1 works in progress

These are current working in progress images which I am working to finish as fast as possible.
works in progress

WIP - Unity 2 works in progress

This is looking at the aft compartments, where the science team will monitor the weapon. This is where most of the science labs will be housed.

Family Tribute

I relied heavily upon the skills that I learned during my time working in the video game industry. In this industry, I was essentially an environment artist but I also worked in motion capture. cinematics, editing while working with animators, producers, and programmers in creating interactive products and fun, exciting games.

West Texas

Route 66

California Dreams

Rhode Island

Drowing Sorrows Series

This comes from when I worked fresh out of college, a company called Spiritwalk Visioneering, where we worked on a Sci-Fi animated movie about a substance which can alter the genetic code of only a few people, leading to large scale battle between focus of good and evil. The movie was going to be called “Psychotrope,” and has had a profound influence on my choices of sci-fi, fantasy, and my art styles. It was really nice to embrace those ideas again on the few projects I could approach them. I got to approach several different areas of this story line and implement them into totally unexpected ways.

Original Image

Updated in 2019

Updated in 2019

Updated in 2019

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