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The professional and personal works of Colin Blankenship Art things which are used for video games, print, and broadcast.
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South Lamar-ish
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What are people saying?

Some of the people I have worked with have humbled me with gracious recommendations, which can found on my Linked In profile...

"Talented Individual" "His agility with the software and expertise with the game development fundamentals energizes the experience and the incredible output from his students proves it. His professionalism and infectious enthusiasm makes him a valuable associate in just about any important creative process."
"Works well with colleagues and clients" "...he is one hell of a guy and a hell of an artist and craftsman. Great Results: Superlative work, from concept to final output Personable: Works well with colleagues and clients Expert: Deep and detailed knowledge of the subject Good Value: Excellent work at a reasonable cost."
"Fantastic Artist" "Colin is a fantastic artist with an eye for details, builds assets to spec, and has a real understanding of how to make game art look great as well as ultra optimized."
T. Giovannini T3