Environment Art has been a passion ever since I took an intro Architecture class while in college. It was even more reinforced when I joined Origin Systems/EA as an environment artist for the Ultima X Project.
...aiming to achieve as close to photo-quality renderings using the mental ray tools in 3ds max.

High End Renderings

1. "Alleyway," this was built after achieving my "Autodesk Certified Instructor" training, and have used it to demonstrate the importance of Modular Design, also as a way to understand "Daylight" system.

2. "Lab" was built as a way to understand "Daylight" system and the "mr Portals" in alignment with Arch&Design Materials.

3. "Slaughterhouse" was built to demonstrate the importance of Modular Design as a lesson in my classes.

4. "Drowning Sorrows" this set design concept for a 3d rendered film which never really saw the light of day.

Game Assets

1-3 "Stone Hut" piece built for a test to develop art for an MMO title.

4-6 "Poker Room" set rooms for a video game called "Microsoft Casino"

7-9 "Juggernaut" is a concept design for a playable, yet movable FPS level.

10 "Forest" is a set design concept for an MMO game.