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The professional and personal works of Colin Blankenship Art things which are used for video games, print, and broadcast.
Making Art has been a passion of mine since I was a child! I still have that passion I got when I first learned how to build a basic model in 3D software, and try to bring that passion to every project and team I work with today! Please take a tour of my simple website,
sets and props


Buildings, walls, and the little things make games immersive.
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Cars, Firetrucks, and Helicopters are sweet!!
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Motion Graphics make things easy!!
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My art, as done over the last 20 some odd years as a professional. All the art is either commercially produced, or produced for my own learning and enjoyment.



I want to take my experience as a production artist to discover, and plan, the methodologies I have developed over the years of my professional career and place them into my lesson plans. I stumbled into teaching at New England Institute of Technology in 2009, and I have enjoyed the job ever since. It was this experience which put me on my path to become an Autodesk Certified Instructor in 2011, which has further shaped my concepts of how to teach this industry. The 8 years I have with Austin Community College has offered me the chance of working directly with industry leaders in the Austin gaming community. The experience has also broadened my goals of not only helping students learn how to make games, but, also how to be successful in this industry as artists and entrepreneurs. My experience compels me to teach the best I can because of the overall competitiveness of the industry. I this equally requires me to not only develop my skills as a developer, but also as a educator. I believe this MFA will open many doors for me down the road and allow me to pursue my goals.


My name is Colin Blankenship and I am a digital artist. With experiences ranging from television to video games, I have had wonderful experiences working with tremendous people and projects. After nearly 20 years as contract artist for a variety of projects, I started teaching in a small college in New England called New England Institute of Technology. I handled two different courses which reflect the same things I am teaching now at Austin Community College's Game Development, Animation, and Motion. I have been teaching, advising, and mentoring since 2011 focusing on modeling techniques, design principles, art and architectural history, as well as many other elements.

Creating efficient ways to understand how to use the complex softwares for multimedia is an ongoing direction in my life, and I rely heavily on the past 20 years I have been building art as a professional as well as my network of friends and colleagues.

Thank you for viisting, and please drop a line if you have any questions!


What are people saying?

Some of the people I have worked with have humbled me with gracious recommendations, which can found on my Linked In profile...

"Talented Individual" "His agility with the software and expertise with the game development fundamentals energizes the experience and the incredible output from his students proves it. His professionalism and infectious enthusiasm makes him a valuable associate in just about any important creative process."
DJ Johnson, Assistant Professor - Video Game Design, Development and Simulation at New England Institute of Technology- RI link to contacts site
"Works well with colleagues and clients" "...he is one hell of a guy and a hell of an artist and craftsman. Great Results: Superlative work, from concept to final output Personable: Works well with colleagues and clients Expert: Deep and detailed knowledge of the subject Good Value: Excellent work at a reasonable cost."
R. Stewart, Executive Producer at Bazinga Media link to contacts site
"Fantastic Artist" "Colin is a fantastic artist with an eye for details, builds assets to spec, and has a real understanding of how to make game art look great as well as ultra optimized."
T. Giovannini, T3 link to contacts site